Month: December 1988

“Keeping Kayla Special – Part 2,” Soap Opera Update, December 19, 1988

Keeping Kayla Special Looking Into The Future With “Days Of Our Lives” Mary Beth Evans Part 2 Soap Opera Update, December 19, 1988 By Christopher Nickens In the first part of our talk with Mary Beth Evans she reflected on the glut of publicity surrounding her recently as a result of her role as Kayla on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.  She revealed that by choosing to live with her husband, Dr. Michael Schwartz and their infant son Daniel, in Pasadena, a charming older suburb of Los Angeles, she manages to avoid a lot of the hoopla and is able – most of the time – to enjoy an anonymous “normal” lifestyle. Mary Beth also talked about the difficulty of acting with sign language and what her feelings were when she filmed the long-awaited wedding scene between Kayla and Patch.  As our conversation continued in a restaurant no far from Evan’s home, the subject of the future came up. Now that Patch and Kayla are man and wife, how does Mary Beth feel about their current story line, and what would she like to see happen to Kayla in the future?  “I feel right now,” she says, “We’re in a very peculiar story.  This whole thing with the child, has taken a very weird angle as a result of the writer’s strike, and it’s been very difficult.  I’ve had to...

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“Looking Into The Future Of Patch & Kayla,” Soap Opera Update, Decemeber 1988

Looking Into The Future of Patch & Kayla With Days Of Our Lives’ Mary Beth Evans Soap Opera Update, December  1988 By Allison J. Waldman Steve and Kayla Johnson are one of the most popular, romantic married couples on the soaps, but their future suddenly looks clouded with intrigues and intricacies from the past. How will daytimes’ Patch and sweetness handle the new twists and turns?  How has Kayla made it through the first year of marriage to Steve, the formerly wayward street dude with the big heart and gentle ways? Stephen Nichols has spoken with you directly in “Candidly Speaking” on the previous page, but what about Mary Beth Evans?  Read on to hear exactly where she stands these days about her favorite DAYS. SOU:   What’s your reaction to the patch coming off and the entire transformation? MBE:  Well, I never wanted the patch to come off because I always thought it was a nice symbol that you didn’t have to be the best looking person in the world to be loved, that you should care about yourself.  That part was sad to me, but I always wanted him to have short hair.  But I think it’s a change and you should never be afraid of change.  You should try it.  So in that respect I think it’s positive.  Of course, we’re still sort of in a transformation...

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