Month: December 1996

“Happy Days Are Here Again,” Soap Opera Digest, December 17, 1996

Happy Days are Here Again By Robin Echt See if you can recall the following GENERAL HOSPITAL moment: Shrink Tom Hardy, sauntered by resident gold-digger Katherine Bell. Although their storylines had yet to cross and the characters had little in common, a brief flash of recognition passed between them. “Tom did look at Katherine kind of strange,” confirms Matthew Ashford (Tom, GH; ex-Jack, DAYS) of the blink-or-you’d-miss-it-exchange. “It’s as if he said, ‘Geez, don’t I know you from somewhere?’ “ The answer, of course, was yes. Ashford and Mary Beth Evans (Katherine, GH; ex-Kayla, DAYS) played ex-spouses and members of the extended Johnson clan on DAYS OF OUR LIVES for almost five years. The Johnson family tree included eldest son Steve, known as “Patch” (played by Stephen Nichols, now GH’s Stefan), his wife, Kayla (Evans), little brother (and Kayla’s first husband) Billy/Jack (Ashford), and Jack’s romance-minded baby sister, Adrienne (Judi Evans Luciano, now ANOTHER WORLD’s Paulina), who was married to Justin Kiriakis (Wallace Kurth, now GH’s Ned). These days, the Johnson clan is together again–on GH. It’s not exactly like old times, though–at least not yet. “Everyone here is very friendly, positive and believes in the product,” praises Ashford. “But for some new people, it’s like you’re coming in mid-conversation. “There are people who have been here 10, 15, 20 years, so it takes a little while to get...

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“Mother Knows Best,” Soap Opera Digest, December 3, 1996

Mother Knows Best When It Comes To Juggling Work And Family, Daytime Parents Are Pros Celebrity Caretaker:  Mary Beth Evans (Katherine, GENERAL HOSPITAL) Mommy’s Little Darlings:  Danny, 8, Katie, 6, and Matthew, 3 Words Of Wisdom:  “Teaching kids to respect each other is the key to helping them learn to share.” By Kathy Henderson Soap Opera Digest, December 3, 1996 Sharing And Caring As a mother of three, Mary Beth Evans knows that a little squabbling among siblings is to be expected.  “But how much noise and chaos can you love with?” she asks with a laugh.  “I can’t stand going into other people’s houses and seeing their kids fighting and bickering while the parents just ignore it.  If you don’t teach children to respect each other, and to respect you as a parent, they’re not going to respect anybody.” When conflicts over toys crop up in her household, Evans responds quickly.  “With my little guy, I talk about taking turns.  ‘Let’s so-and-so have it for five minutes and then you can have it for five minutes.’ Usually, he skips away and forgets about it.”  It takes time for preschoolers to learn that sharing doesn’t mean losing a toy forever, so frustration is natural at that age.  “This will sound totally unfair,” Evans adds, “but sometimes, I’ll say to my older ones, ‘Can’t you give the baby what he...

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