Month: March 1997

“Moonlighting, Love Affair,” Soap Opera Weekly, March 25, 1997

    MOONLIGHTING Where the stars shine after work       GH’S MARY BETH EVANS & STEPHEN NICHOLS: LOVE AFFAIR       Though romance may not currently be in bloom for their General Hospital characters, Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans (Stefan and Kathrine) are in love—Love Letters, that is. The performance, March 23 at the Irvine Barclay Theatre in Irvine, Calif., benefits the Aliso Academy for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The two performed the play several years ago at a different venue, but decided to reprise their roles to raise money for a good cause. Evans says, “The Aliso Academy is a wonderful school, and my sister (Debbie Evans) is one of its co-founders. This is our way of helping.” Nichols concurs, adding that the play, which uses letters to recall a star-crossed couple’s romance, is “a beautiful piece to watch, listen to and perform.” The opportunity to star opposite Evans is simply the icing on the cake. “In the play, the two characters have a lot of history together,” he notes. “Mary Beth and I have a lot of history, too. It’s easier to do this play with someone you know really well.” “Stephen and I connect with each other. We trust each other,” Evans adds. “So we’re never afraid to experiment or try different things. We know neither one of us will...

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If Looks Could Kill, Soap Opera Digest, March 25, 1997

  If Looks Could Kill By Robin Echt Soap Opera Digest, March 25, 1997 Their eyes locked for a split second before Stefan’s bullet accidently struck Katherine.  In that suspended moment, their lives were inextricably linked.  Nightly hospital visits strengthened the bond: Paralyzed Katherine found the will to heal herself with comfort from this dark stranger, and Stefan found the courage to confess his guilt at putting her there.  Now, his freedom depends on her silence and her recovery hinges on his support. They are each other’s greatest hope and most powerful threat.  Have the King of Atonement and the Queen of Deception finally met their match? “Katherine is Stefan’s equal,” observes GENERAL HOSPITAL Head Writer Richard Culliton.  “Katherine has nailed Stefan intellectually all the way along.  And that’s what keeps pulling him in.  There’s something, either fate or coincidence, that exists between the two of them.  Katherine only feels movement while she’s connected to Stefan.  So in her mind, the road back is somehow linked to this man.” And now Stefan, the master manipulator, has found himself maddeningly defenseless against his victim — a circumstance that threatens to blow apart his carefully controlled and secretive world.  “Katherine could destroy my life and I know it,” affirms Stephen Nichols (Stefan) in character.  “By turning me in, she could put me behind bars, or at least out of the country...

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