Month: August 1997

“A Family Affair,” Soap Opera News, August 26, 1997

  A Family Affair  By Rosemary Rossi Soap Opera News, August 26, 1997 To protect the interests of her family, Alexis schemes to plant the seed in Stefan’s mind that an affair with Katherine could be incestuous — that, indeed, they might be brother and sister. Why?  Katherine Bell, she of the shady and manipulative past, presents a threat to the Cassadine dynasty – or so Alexis believes.  And GH fans know what trouble a Cassadine woman can create.  (See sidebar, page 14). When last seen, Alexis had stolen a picture of Katherine’s mother from her apartment and given it to cunning photo retouchers.  Using their technical wizardry, they combined the snapshot with a photo of Stefan’s father, Mikkos, making it appear as if Katherine’s mother was being intimate with him. Alexis then arranged for Stefan to see a picture of Mikkos with his “mistress.”  Later, she maneuvered it so Stefan sees a picture of Katherine’s mother.  She gets him to admit that there’s a resemblance between Katherine’s mother and the woman in the picture with Mikkos.  Could Katherine’s mother have been Mikkos’ mistress, she hints?  Stefan shrugs off the insinuation, but Alexis, to her satisfaction, notices a definite reaction to her suggestion.  And since Stefan never reacts to anything, Alexis knows her devilish plan may be working. Alexis confirms with her cohort Leo that the groundwork has been...

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“For Whom Miss Bell Tolls,” Soap Opera News, August 26, 1997

For Whom Miss Bell Tolls Soap Opera News, August 26, 1997 By Delaina Dixon Lost on a private island, shots suddenly ring out—and a woman is wounded.  Ironically, this fateful shooting led Katherine Bell into the arms of her most enigmatic lover to date, Stefan Cassadine.  But Katherine Bell has never believed in taking the straight—or easy—path to romantic bliss, as a variety of Port Charles mean will attest.  Here’s a who’s who of those who’ve been attracted to Miss Bell’s curves. Scotty Baldwin – 1993 Scotty Baldwin was devastated when his wife Dominique, died from a brain tumor. But he found solace in the arms of Katherine “Crawford,” who claimed to be an old friend of Dominique’s.   That purported friendship was a lie—crafty Katherine knew that Scotty had inherited a load of cash from his dead wife.  Pretending to need money to pay off her former husband’s debts, she bilked Scotty out of $250,000.  Unaware, Scotty asked Katherine to marry him, but recanted when he learned from Lucy Coe that Katherine had lied about her connection to Dominique.  In fact, she was Dominique’s sister and was angry because her sibling hadn’t willed her any money. Damian Smith – 1993 Scotty also didn’t know that Katherine Bell already had a lover when he asked her to marry him.  Crooked charmer Damian Smith respected the fact that Katherine was marrying for...

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