Month: December 1997

“GH’s Stefan and Katherine Make Love – Finally!,” Soap Opera Digest, December 9, 1997

GH’s Stefan and Katherine Make Love – Finally! Soap Opera Digest, December 9, 1997 Katherine’s serenity at Serenity is interrupted this week when Stefan arrives with a doozy of a story to tell. “Katherine went to Serenity to get back a little piece of who she might have been before everything went wrong,” explains Mary Beth Evans.  “Stefan arrives and they have a big discussion.” That’s putting it mildly.  Once Stefan has Katherine’s ear, he gets a chance to be honest about why he dumped her so unceremoniously.  “He tells her about Alexis’s plot to keep them apart and that Helena would have had her killed if she knew Katherine was Natasha,” Evans recounts.  “But part of her is like, ‘So what?  How could you do what you did?’ She just tells him, ‘Forget it.  You did all of these things to me, so good-bye.’” Never one to take no for an answer, Stefan follows Kat as she retreats upstairs.  Then he really pulls out the big guns (no comments, please).  “He comes upstairs to say good-bye and says he loves her,” smiles Evans.  “She finally realizes that what she thought was gone is there in his eyes.  And that’s basically all it takes for Katherine.” On Wednesday, December 3, the two consummate their love in a steamy scene that Evans promises won’t disappoint.  “The scene is incredibly passionate,”...

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“Kat Can Do, ” Soap Opera Digest, December 9, 1997

Kat Can Do After scratching and clawing her way to the top, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Katherine Bell proves she’s just a pussycat at heart. By Tom Stacy Soap Opera Digest, December 9, 1997 GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Katherine Bell may be a pillar of the Port Charles community now, but that hasn’t always been the case.  Time was when she was pilloried.  Let’s trek down memory lane with Mary Beth Evans, and explore the tumultuous history of daytime’s favorite “Kat” woman.     1993 Katherine came to Port Charles a woman of mystery.  Going by the surname Crawford, Kat claimed to be an “old friend” of Scotty Baldwin’s (Kin Shriner) late wife, Dominique.  Drawn together by their shared loss, the two found comfort in each other.   Unfortunately, it was all a con, “She really came to town because she found out that Dominique was her half sister, and she wanted the money Scott had inherited [from Dominique],” admits Evans.  Soon, another secret reared its well-coifed head:  Katherine had a lover – unscrupulous Damian Smith – with whom she had been involved before she came to P.C.  Damian approved of her plan to marry Scott for his money….as long as she didn’t sleep with him.  “Damian and Katherine were like Boris and Natasha,” laughs Evans.  “They were these bad-guy lovers who fed off each other.” With dollar signs clouding her perspective, the one...

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