Month: December 1998

“La Bell Epoque,” Soap Opera Digest, December 29, 1998

By Kristin Gallagher As sunny as the state of California in which she resides, Mary Beth Evans is about as far away from her “General Hospital” character, Katherine, as any actor can be. Unlike her unlucky-in-love alter ego, Evans  has been blissfully wed to plastic surgeon Michael Schwartz for the past 13 years and has three great  kids–Danny, 11, Katie, 8 ½,  and Matthew, 5 ½,  to show for it. Here, she shares her secrets to maintaining a thriving career and an idyllic home life–and why you’ll never hear her tell anyone to shut up (unless she’s told to).   Just the facts: Birthday:  March 7  Sweet Talk:  “I like sugar too much. I try not to eat it anymore…but that is so hard.” White Christmas: “We’re taking our kids skiing for the week after Christmas. Skiing is a big thing for us.” DAYS Gone By: “I swear, I get recognized more as Kayla  [Evans’s former character on DAYS OF OUR LIVES] than I do for Katherine. I think, ‘How can you remember that?’ It was such a long time ago, I can’t even remember that!” Short Cut: “I had wanted to cut my hair. It’s cute, and I love it at work, but we have to put so much junk in it. The other day,  my husband said to me, ‘I remember when your hair used to feel like...

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“The Vast Seduction,” Soap Opera Digest, December 8, 1998

The Vast Seduction  By Kristin Gallagher Additional Reporting by Tom Stacy Soap Opera Digest, December 8, 1998 Even by soap standards, the clandestine carryings-on of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s  Katherine Bell and her handsome young prince, Nikolas Cassadine, seemed too, too taboo.  Sure, it’s not the first time and older woman has fallen for a younger man or vice versa.  But have we ever seen a just-back-from-the-dead older woman fall for a younger man who also happens to be her ex-fiancé’s “nephew?”  We think not.  Now, after weeks of stealing steamy kisses and undressing each other with their eyes, it’s dirty deed time for Nikolas and Katherine.  But who’s pulling the strings while these two pull off each other’s clothes? “Katherine really does care for Nikolas,” insists her portrayer, Mary Beth Evans.  “At this point, it’s just snowballed.  I think she’s tumbled into this.  Her conscience and the things that were telling her not to [pursue this relationship] were there.  But now, in the throes of it all, I think she’s let her inhibitions go – at least for the minute – and is just enjoying it.” A sentiment shared by secret love Nikolas.  “The characters play well off each other,” muses Tyler Christopher (Nikolas).  “Katherine is the upbeat, spunky type and Nikolas is the serious, soulful type, so they complement each other well.  I think it will bring both of...

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