Month: March 1999

“In Their Element,” Soap Opera Digest, March 30, 1999

 In Their Element  By Kristin Gallagher Soap Opera Digest, March 30, 1999 Long before a gunshot sparked romance for General Hospital’s now estranged lovers, Stefan and Katherine, Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans were making history as Days Of Our Lives supercouple Patch and Kayla. Here, the closely connected actors reminisce about everything from DAYS gone by to why they know how it feels to wear a nurse’s cap.  Digest: Do you recall your first meeting? Mary Beth Evans: I actually do remember it perfectly. DAYS brought me in to read [for the part of Kayla] with Stephen. He had on his leather jacket, his patch, his scar, his whole look there. And I don’t remember him being out of character the whole time I saw him. Stephen Nichols: It was when she auditioned for DAYS. And right after she said her last line she turned to me and said, “Well, that was s–t!” [laughs] and walked away. She got the job. Evans: [laughing]:  Or I said, “That sucked”– something like that. But that was like, the second time we met. The very first time we met was in [former DAYS Executive Producer] Al Rabin’s office when Stephen came up in that outfit and we read a scene together. DIGEST: First impressions? Evans: I hadn’t really seen the show, so I think I thought, “Oh boy. This is a...

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“Will Katherine & Stefan Ever Truly Be Happy?,” GH Magazine, March 1999

The Tangled Web Of Their Tortured Romance And A Look Ahead Towards Tomorrow Everything You Always Wanted To Know About General Hospital, March 1999 The Beginning… Katherine and Stefan were never a twosome that had an easy road in their love affair.  Their relationship began when Katherine, looking for Stefan’s nephew Nikolas with whom she had a run-in at her penthouse earlier in the evening, found herself on Spoon Island, the home of the Cassadine family. Meanwhile, Bobbie, who was married to Stefan, was inconsolable.  That very day, her sister-in-law Laura was to be buried and she was forbidden to attend the funeral by her brother and Laura’s husband, Luke.  On top of that, she had haunting suspicions that her husband was involved somehow in Laura’s death.  Stefan, devastated over the loss of his beloved Laura, whom he called Lasha, went out on the grounds of his home, Wyndemere, to contemplate his feelings.  Sitting alone in the dark, he faced Luke, who was standing over him with a pistol in his hand.  There to avenge his wife’s death, Luke’s angry words had a surprising effect on Stefan—he fell silent.  Then, he asked Luke for the chance to tell his side of the story, the side Luke didn’t know.  Just then, Luke and Laura’s son Lucky appeared and pleased with his father not to seek revenge against his mother, for...

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