Month: January 2001

“Sierra Returns,” Soap Opera Weekly, January 2, 2001

 Craig and Sierra’s great love affair may be over, but the former marrieds do reunite….sort—of….this week on As the World Turns when their son, Bryant, gets into trouble with the law. Sierra’s arrival is the real shocker at Lucinda’s surprise birthday party, where Sierra worries about Craig’s questionable influence on Bryant, and later compares notes with sister Lily on their failed marriages.  After Bryant is arrested for stealing money from Java Underground, his manacita springs into action and races to the police station.  There, Sierra and the equally prodigal Lyla pleads with Margo to help them see Bryant.  Sierra then comes face to face with Craig, who comforts her and says they’ll get through the ordeal together—as a family. Lucinda, of course, will have none of that.  When La Walsh hurls accusations at her errant ex-son-in-law, Sierra steps in and smoothes things over.  “I think they still have a lot of feelings for each other,” suggests Mary Beth Evans (Sierra).  Later, she has a tearful reunion with Bryant, taking the blame for her estranged son’s sudden grim future. Evans says that being a mother in real life “absolutely” helped her connect with Todd Rotondi (Bryant).  “It’s funny,” she quips.  “When I was on GH, Tyler (Christopher, ex-Nikolas, with whom Katherine had an affair) and Todd are probably the same age.  I kept thinking:  Could I have sons that are...

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“Evans’s ATWT Adventure,” Soap Opera Digest, January 2, 2001

EVANS’S ATWT ADVENTURE Soap Opera Digest, January 2, 2001 Daytime vet Mary Beth Evans, best known as DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Kayla (1986-92) and GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Katherine (1993-99), recently wrapped up five days’ work as AS THE WORLD TURNS’s Sierra.  “[Executive Producer] Chris Goutman said he’d really liked my work over the years and would love for me to come play this character,” says Evans.  Her scenes begin airing on December 26, when Sierra joins Lucinda and Lily for Christmas, then learns son Bryant is in jail.  “He was so nice, I couldn’t resist.” The actress was a bit worried after a friend (who’s an ATWT fan) informed her about Sierra’s storied past.  “I was thinking, ‘Hmmm, if she was such a popular character, I hope I don’t disappoint anyone with a different approach,’” muses Evans.  “I never saw [role originator Finn Carter].  I just did my thing and hoped for the best.  And [Head Writer Hogan Sheffer] really writes the kind of daytime stuff I like to do – heartfelt and about relationships, rather than spies and espionage.  Of course, I did get a little nervous because I had all these lines and it’s been a year since I’ve done that kind of grind.” She spent that year since leaving GH going back to the basics – in acting school.  “It sounds so hokey, but I just worked...

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“From Kayla to Katherine to Sierra,” Soap Opera Weekly, January 2, 2001

By Tonya Lensch Mary Beth Evans returns to daytime this week, but not as Days of Our Lives’ Kayla Brady or General Hospital’s Katherine Bell—two roles that made her a fan favorite.  This time around she’ll assume the role of As the World Turns’ Sierra Montgomery. “Chris Goutman (ATWT’s executive producer) said he had been a fan of mine, and would love for me to come do this, and when anybody says that….” Evans laughs.  “I was going to be out [in New York] for Thanksgiving anyway, so I thought:  Great—my kids and husband will go home and I’ll do the show.” But the mother of three soon found out how much she was needed back home in California.  “After three weeks, my kids were like, ‘Who? What? You want to talk to me?  I’m busy.’  I thought I’d better get home,” she says. Taking over a pivotal role on a soap she had never watched was a challenge for Evans, who airs through January.  “Some parts were difficult to memorize when you don’t know who or what you’re talking about,” she admits.  “I called Tom something else, and I didn’t even realize that I had called him the wrong name!” Evans had lots of meaty material to play, thanks to Sierra’s scenes with ex-husband Craig, son Bryant, sister Lily and mother Lucinda.  “Oh, my god, I love [head...

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