Month: August 2006

“Evans Sent,” Soap Opera Digest, August 29, 2006

Evans Sent By Stephanie Sloan Soap Opera Digest, August 29, 2006 Just The Facts Birthday:  March 7 Hails from :  Pasadena, CA All in the Family:  Evans married husband Michael Schwartz, a plastic surgeon on November 3, 1985.  They have three children:  Danny, 18, Katie, 16, and Matthew, 13. Soap Past:  Dakota, RITUALS (1984-85), Kayla, DAYS (1986-92; she returned on June 12, 2006), Katherine, GENERAL HOSPITAL (1993-99), Sierra, AS THE WORLD TURNS (2000, 2001-02, 2003, 2004-06). New Source:  “My husband and I read the paper every single morning.  I read The New York Times, The LA Times and The Wall Street Journal. Choice Cocktail: “Cosmopolitan, extra cold.” Preferred Pampering:  “I try to get a pedicure and manicure.  I’ll take my daughter.” Family Fun:  “We go to the beach a lot.  And I love to travel with them.  I love to have everyone locked down in the car and taking long rides with the kids.  You have such great conversations.” Best Quality?  “I usually see the good, I’m forever hopeful and I’m pretty darn happy and optimistic.” Worst Quality?  “Probably the disorganized scrambling.  My kids will say, ‘Don’t forget I have that orthodontist appointment today,’ and then will call me three times during the day to remind me.”                                                                               “I can talk to anybody. I’m a total talker,” says Mary Beth Evans. And she means it. She calls in to...

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“FYI – Mary Beth Evans.” Soap Opera Weekly, August 15, 2006

FYI-Mary Beth Evans Kayla, Days of Our Lives Soap Opera Weekly, August 15, 2006 Recent fad I admit to trying:  Eat right for your blood type. Favorite actor:  Andy Garcia. Favorite movie:  The Notebook; I watch it with my daughter. Greatest fear:  Heights. Favorite singer:  Barry White. If I could only keep one household appliance, it would be:  Coffeemaker. Something you’d be surprised to know about me:  I always carry about 10 lipsticks in my purse. Favorite book:  Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. Favorite food:  Grilled salmon. Least favorite food:  Creamed spinach. Nobody knows I can:  Hold eight quarters on my upper lip. Favorite item of clothing:  Shoes. Greatest achievement:  Three kids that are well-adjusted and kind. If I couldn’t be an actor, I’d be:  A decorator. Cause I most believe in:  Women’s rights. Last thing I do before I go to bed:  Always wash my face. Best quality:  Happy most of the time. Worst quality:  Too gullible. Biggest regret:  I didn’t take typing lessons. If I could live anywhere, it’d be:  Right where I do. Celebrity I’m often mistaken for:  Meg Ryan – It’s the hair. What I dislike the most about my appearance:  My fat feet. Quality I like most in a mate:  Sense of humor. My first kiss:  Jeff Lenard in the sixth grade. Best one word or short phrase that describes me:  Optimistic....

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