Month: October 2006

“Reunited and It Feels So Good,” Soap Opera Weekly, October 17, 2006

Reunited and It Feels So Good Soap Opera Weekly, October 17, 2006 By Janet Di Lauro During their 1980s run as Days Of Our Lives’ Steve and Kayla, Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans forged a friendship that lasted through all those years they weren’t in Salem.  Now, 20 years later, they’re back at their old stomping grounds, working to re-create their supercouple magic.  Here the pair dishes their celebrated return, those rotten outfits, and hopes for the future under new head writer Hogan Sheffer. Weekly:  What were your initial impressions of each other? Mary Beth Evans:  Stephen was on DAYS before me.  When I arrived for the audition he came in with his leather jacket, the scar and the patch to read with me. Stephen Nichols:  I always have to qualify this, because she tells this story and leaves out that I was working that day.  I didn’t just show up with the scar and the jacket on a day off.  (laughs) Evans:  I did think, “This is quirky.”  Stephen was friendly, kind and generous.  Then we started working together and had this incredible trust in each other.  When I started having kids Stephen was so sweet with them.  He was always caring for me, too.  I had a few problems with my second one, and he took me to the doctor’s office once.  When my first child...

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“Mary Beth Evans’ Five Greatest Days,”, 2006

Mary Beth Evans’ Five Greatest Days Interview, 2006 By Janet Di Lauro When playing a daytime heroine you have to take the roses with the thorns — DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) will attest to that. While Evans has enjoyed many a memorable moment during her tenure (including fun location shoots and romantic stories), she has also endured a few bug bites and drenchings along the way. Here, Evans recounts her top five memories of life in Salem. 1986: UN-PATCHED “One of the sweetest scenes ever was when Kayla took off Steve’s patch. I just saw it the other day on the show in a flashback. I loved the trust in that scene. Steve didn’t really trust Kayla at that point. The characters helped each other in that scene. Kayla got to loosen up a bit, and Steve took the first step in learning to trust people.” 1987: WATERWORKS “There was a period on the show, when Stephen Nichols (Steve) and I were always wet. Over and over, we were doused with water. There was one scene where Kayla went over to Steve’s place, and it started raining. I was standing outside waiting for him to open the door, and it was raining, raining, raining. My mascara was pouring into my eyeballs and down my face. It was burning my eyes so much that I...

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