Month: December 2006

“Coif-y Talk,” Soap Opera Digest, December 26, 2006

Coif-y Talk By Russell Patrick Latham Soap Opera Digest, December 26, 2006 Days Of Our Lives’s Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) isn’t shy about admitting that hair’s a priority.  “My day is always a little off if I don’t take the five minutes to style my hair in the morning,” she says.  She’s our kind of girl. Soap Opera Digest:  How do you get your Look? Mary Beth Evans:  It’s all about product and blow drying and spraying and a little more product.  It’s kind of calculated messy.  I do think the way it looks best is if I get all the product together on it, and go driving around in a convertible with the top down. Digest:  Who styles your hair? Evans:  I found a guy who gives great cuts!  I have dreams about somebody else cutting it, and I’m like, “Nooooo!”  He cuts it dry.  He’s kind of like a sculptor, like and Edward Scissorhands type of guy.  Byron Williams at Byron Studio [] on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles.  He’s amazing.  I don’t know anyone else who cuts hair like Byron.  Digest:  Any big hair mistakes? Evans:  When I was in my late teens, I had to get a perm….I’m kind of impulsive; I had to get it that day.  They fried my hair to the scalp!  Very quickly it broke off to about an inch long. ...

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“Stars Spead Christmas Cheer,” TV Soap, December 11, 2006

Stars Spread Christmas Cheer TV Soap, December 11, 2006 By Robert Waldron Days Of Our Lives’ Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols share their plans for the holiday season What is your favorite on-screen Christmas holiday memory? Evans:  “When Stephen played Santa was cute.” Nichols: “I always like playing Patchy Claus.  I play Santa Claus for my own kids, and my nieces and nephews.  I’ve done it for years.” Evans:  I also enjoy the scenes with the Horton Christmas ornaments.  When my children were younger, I had the prop guy make some Horton ornaments for me.  I think I only have one left.” But Kayla isn’t a Horton. Evans:  “I think Kayla was there once.  I asked the prop guy if he could make (the ornaments) with my kid’s names, and also my husband’s and my name, but I think  my husband’s is the only one left.  The others have broken.  It has been 20 years. Nichols:  “My mother-in-law makes a Christmas ornament for every child in the family every year.  She either makes them or purchases really special ornaments that are handmade with their names.” Do you have many gifts to buy? Evans:  “In our family, I like drawing names for gift-giving.  My family’s big.  It became such a deal about getting all of these gifts.  It’s so much nicer to buy a couple of gifts that you...

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