Month: January 2010

“Carving Out a Niche,” Hybrid Mom Blog, January 28, 2010

Carving Out a Niche Thursday, January 28th, 2010 I don’t know what it is with me but I like to be out front.  I have a nice back yard, but I like the front.  I guess it’s the activity on the street.  People walking their dogs, cars passing by, chatting with the neighbors.  Recently a friend bought a house and when I went to visit, the first thing that struck me was how closed in It felt.  There were trees and bushes blocking the windows half way up the front of the house.  I suggested that she pull them out and carve out a niche…a poor man’s front porch.  We discovered that a large window was actually a pair of French doors that had been painted shut…that was the first order of business – to see if we could scrape off the paint and get it open.  Success! There was even a little stoop…perfect.  A friend of ours had 28 – 2’X2’ cement pavers that she had taken out of her yard and were leaning up against her garage.  I made a quick (scavenger) phone call and sure enough she was looking to get rid of them.  We had her gardener go pick them up.  The gardener pulled out the shrubs and somewhat graded the area, brought in a little soil and sand and laid the pavers out with 2” between...

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“Nurturing Bonds to Last a Lifetime,” Hybrid Mom Blog, January 21, 2010

Nurturing Bonds to Last a Lifetime Thursday, January 21st, 2010 This afternoon I went to lunch for one of my oldest friends birthday. There are 3 of us that have been friends since we were in high school.  Luckily we all live extremely close to each other, one even lives on my street.  We didn’t grow up in the town we live in now but after each of us got married we moved here.  It started with my friend Carrie…I knew her husband Marty…he did the music on Days of our Lives in the mid eighties when I was there the first time.  He wore big red glasses and I used to go in his sound booth and kiss them with all my soap opera lipstick. We joked around a lot and became great friends.  He asked if I had a sister and I said no, but I had a best friend that I thought he might really have something in common with.  I set them up on a blind date…fast forward a year later and they were married. They just celebrated their 20th anniversary. When they were looking for their first home, I convinced them this was the place to live.  Our children grew up together, went to school together and to this day are very close.  Me and Carolyn (right) and Carrie (back) and another friend Jennifer Carolyn moved...

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“Parenting Payoff,” Hybrid Mom Blog, January 14, 2010

Parenting Payoff  Thursday, January 14th, 2010 A funny thing has happened over my children’s holiday break this year – I think my son Danny has started to grow up (finally).  I might be premature declaring this, but why not he is 22 years old.  I must go back and give you a bit of history for it to mean anything.  I am sure there are some of you out there who have a child like my Danny.  He hit the terrible twos at about 18 months old and stayed there.  He was the busiest guy too – if you left him unattended, things would happen. He was mischievous, always into EVERYTHING, and never stopped moving or taking things apart. Whenever we went on a trip and left the kids home with a minder, he was always the one that got into trouble.  As he got older, high school in particular, he got into everything on a bigger scale.  We were on him to get good grades, had him play a team sport, trying to keep him engaged and “busy” and hopefully out of trouble.  ”Keep him alive on my watch” I joked to myself.  He was always the guy that had to learn the hard way.  He was grounded all the time.    Even though I was sad leading up to his departure to college 4 years ago, the morning...

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“The Importance of PLAY – as in Dates,” Hybrid Mom Online

The Importance of PLAY-as in dates Written By: Mary Beth Evans If you are a mom you know it well. The scheduling around it, deciding where to have it, deciding who to invite, what to serve the moms, etc. Yes, I am talking about playdates! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they come with the territory of being a mom. My kids are older now and the days of me having to schedule their playdates are long gone. But looking back, I realize how important those efforts were. As far back as when my kids were toddlers, I would always host gatherings at my house with their friends (ok well my friends and they just happened to all have young children too). These gatherings began as more of a “mommy playdate” but as the kids grew, so did their friendships and their desire to be together. Since the school year was always so hectic, most of these playdates occurred during the summer months. How great it was to see, year after year, all the kids gather together, at least once a week and have the times of their lives. It almost seemed as if every week they were more excited to see each other than the last. Running, climbing, swimming, roller-blading –you name it, these kids did it. Today, all of these children are all in high school and beyond...

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“Road Trip Wrap Up,” Hybrid Mom Blog, January 7, 2010

Road Trip Wrap Up Thursday, January 7th, 2010 I have blogged several times about the effect of this tough economy.  How it has touched all of us in some way.  Over the holidays I saw many old friends, met some new ones and everyone’s story was similar.  So many “bread winners” of the family are waking in the middle of the night with their hearts pounding about how they are going to keep their business afloat or pay the bills.  Hardly anyone is immune.  I almost feel like we should hunker down together in the bunker and weather the storm.  I guess we can be there for our friends and family in our own homes and be ready with a compassionate ear. As you know from my blogs we took a family trip to Telluride to my best friends’ mountain house.  Up until the last minute we could not decide whether we should go or not.  Mind you this is not that unusual because my husband can be very indecisive.  The daunting thought of the 14-hour drive didn’t help, plus money has been tight this year.  We decided to go for it…push it a little and enjoy the time with our children and closest friends.  This was the best decision.  From the very moment we left our driveway the stresses each of us felt (for different reasons) evaporated quickly...

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