Month: June 2010

“Parenting Reflection, ” Hybrid Mom Blog, June 24, 2010

Parenting Reflection Thursday, June 24th, 2010 As a parent we realize we have to change with the times, go with the flow of our children growing up. How often do you meet people with older kids and think, oh my God I couldn’t handle that? Well I guess, luckily, we grow as they grow (or maybe they toughen us up along the way). I felt when my children were young that ten years went by and “I woke up.”  When you have small children there is so much going on, so much need, chaos, driving them all over the place. Thank God for all the love and kisses to help us through…. Once they get to high school, time really accelerates and so does the level of worry and aggravation. I almost think it’s like 9 months of pregnancy…by the end you can’t wait to get that baby out.  You ask yourself often…what happened to my sweet 10 year old that endlessly shouted out…”mommy watch.” I mourn the loss of that, but watching them become adults is pretty incredible.  Luckily for me my children get along extremely well.  But I also nurtured their relationships from the beginning. There was no”I hate you’s” – they either got along or they spent time alone.  That has paid off hugely now that they are older. It’s interesting with this generation…growing up and...

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“Days Insider Blog – Mary Beth Evans,”, June 23, 2010

  Days Insider Blog June 23, 2010 I have to say I’ve really been enjoying this amazing tribute that “Days of our Lives” has been delivering for Alice Horton, as well as for Frances Reid. It’s been made so clear how many lives Frances touched both on and off the show. Recently, fan favorite Mary Beth Evans was nice enough to take the time to talk about reuniting with familiar faces while filming the tribute to Alice. Here’s what she had to say. Days Insider: What was it like reuniting with so many familiar faces on the set of “Days of our Lives”? Mary Beth: There were a lot of us who had returned for the tribute. There were faces I haven’t seen in 20 years. It was so much fun reuniting with everybody. Two of my real favorite people are Charlie Shaughnessy (Shane) and Wally Kurth (Justin), and they were both there. We had so much fun. We just laughed our heads off. All of us realized we really are family and that’s why it felt like such a family reunion – to all be together for Frances, who we all adored. She made such an impact on all of us. It was sweet, it gave us a chance to honor her and send our love up to her; also, sadness, to talk about memories. You know it...

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“Letters From Vietnam, Part 4,” Hybrid Mom Blog, June 17, 2010

Letters from Vietnam…Part 4 Thursday, June 17th, 2010 Hi All! Sorry I haven’t emailed recently we’ve been traveling a lot!..Two days ago we went to an orphanage for kids that had lost their parents somehow or who had been saved from the sexexplained to me how one little girl and her younger sister were saved from a brothel house in Cambodia by ACWP but the org was unable to locate their older sister who is most likely still working for the sex trade…such a sad story! These girls are so tiny..about 7 and 9 years old and are sold for around $200 or 300 dollars and then bring in around $50 dollars to their ‘pimp’ every time they have some sort of sex with a costumer…the majority of which are foreign, grown men…so frightening! For the orphanage, we funded and set up a mobile clinic right near them where we saw around 80 kids and had the doctors give check ups and prescribe them medicines along with a lot of vitamin C. Because the kids don’t have parents to keep track of when their medicines are taken my job was to help them read their prescription after they were given their medications…I had to learn some Vietnamese such as take 1 pill twice a day..etc. but it was fun and the kids would giggle at my broken Vietnamese! Today...

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“Letters From Vietnam, Part 3,” Hybrid Mom Blog, June 10, 2010

Letters From Vietnam…Part 3 Thursday, June 10th, 2010 Hope you have all enjoyed reading about this amazing experience my daughter Katie had. Here are a couple more days of her journey along with some photos and video….it is certainly a whole different world over there. hello! or should i say “sin ciao!” (Hello in Vietnamese!) We’re in Hue now which is a big city in the middle of Vietnam north of Saigon in the south! I like it better than Saigon..its a little more neighborhoody I think how Madrid might be to crazyand every time you walk outside youre drenched in sweat..really hot! We had another mobile clinic yesterday where we drove about two hours into a veryyy rural area where we were driving on a red muddy road through miles of rice fields to get to a little 3 room town center I guess you’d call it. There were mostly old women waiting for many of them would grab my hand and say something to me in Vietnamese with a longingly was powerful. I think most of them are very sick or dehydrated and very old. There were also a ton of babies! I took pictures of all of them and one kept smiling at me so her mom let me hold her and I threw her up in the air and she laughed so hard…everyone...

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“The Mary Beth Evans Interview – The Bay, DAYS & ATWT,” Michael Fairman, June 10, 2010

The Mary Beth Evans Interview – The Bay, DAYS & ATWT By Michael Fairman June 10th, 2010   Is there anyone busier these days than Mary Beth Evans in soapland?  This fan favorite has become, for lack of a better word, soap’s talented journeyman, (journeywoman, in this case).   For decades, legions of Days of our Lives, Patch and Kayla fans watched Mary Beth’s plight as heroine Kayla Brady Johnson, who along with her scene partner and best bud, Stephen Nichols (Ex-Patch, now Tucker, Y&R) created quite the soap super couple.  After an abysmal and disappointing ending to their last run on the series, and a victim of no story and budget cuts, Mary Beth continued to prosper by finding new projects and becoming in demand in special soap guest appearances.  Now, not only is she returning for several episodes of As the World Turns as another one of her favorite alter egos as Sierra Montgomery before the show ends its historic run in September, but she is also on her way back to Days of our Lives. Mary Beth, along with a slew of fan favorites, will also be showing up in Salem over the next few weeks for Alice Horton’s tribute episodes, honoring the passing of the late Frances Reid (Alice). But, just when she thought she couldn’t get any busier, Mary Beth landed the plum leading role...

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