Month: August 2010

“My Baby Update,” Hybrid Mom Blog, August 26, 2010

My Baby Update Thursday, August 26th, 2010 As I previously blogged about, my oldest son Danny went to Korea to teach English (the subject) for a year.  He knew no one and went alone.  As usual he had to completely drive me insane this summer before he left.  Maybe we will chock it up to needing to “separate” from his parents, but the time had come to be on his own.  He was anxious and ready to get the ball rolling, albeit nervous! When he left he had a few hundred dollars in his pocket that he had sort of saved from oddball jobs this summer.  I tried to impress upon him that working hard and saving in the interim would be helpful to tide him over before he got his first paycheck but he NEEDED those new sunglasses, ect.  It’s funny, had he worked his butt off while he was here I would have wanted to help him out, I would know that he UNDERSTOOD the value of money.  But because I knew he hardly worked during that time and was then squandering the money he did make, I knew I had to let him go and figure it out and survive on his own.  I have a parenting theory that if you let them figure it out themselves…they will!   He had no cell phone or credit card...

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“Having a Vision – The Finished Product,” Hybrid Mom Blog, August 19, 2010

Having a Vision – The Finished Product Thursday, August 19th, 2010 A few weeks ago, I blogged about “Having a Vision” and my friend Marlowe’s ambitious project of renovating a house that is over 100 years old. While I showed the progress over 3 weeks but it took Marlowe many months but she has completed it and it is absolutely beautiful. All the charm of an old house but with all the modern conveniences of a new one.  It helps that she has beautiful taste (believe me I was salivating)! A nice ending to this story is that she sold it before it ever went on the market to a nice family with young children who will enjoy it for years to come. Marlowe and her family made a nice profit and feel incredible pride for a job well done. She stuck with her vision and made it happen. I took a little walking tour so you could all see the finished product…. hope you enjoy!...

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“The Bay The Series Interviews, Part 4,” We Love Soaps, August 13, 2010

We Love Soaps Friday, August 13, 2010 | Posted by Damon L. Jacobs THE BAY The Series Interviews: Mary Beth Evans, Part Four In Parts One, Two, and Three of our interview, the tireless Mary Beth Evans discussed her character (Sara Garrett) on the new indie soap THE BAY, as well as her historic roles on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, GENERAL HOSPITAL and AS THE WORLD TURNS.  In the fourth and final part below, Evans reveals life lessons learned and how she copes with change.  Does anything scare this fearless actress? Find out below! WE LOVE SOAPS TV: In addition to everything we’ve discussed, you are also regularly contributing your  writing to  How did that come about? Mary Beth Evans: It came about because they did an article about my pie business.  They interviewed me about being an entrepreneurial woman.  Then the woman who did the interview and I kicked it off and she wanted me to do something for them.  I think it started as an “Ask Mary Beth” column.  Now I just write about whatever I want to write about.  Sometimes that comes very easily and sometimes it’s like, “What am I going to write about?” Usually something will pop up and inspire me. WE LOVE SOAPS TV: I loved your recent post titled, “Change Is Good.” Mary Beth Evans: I write a lot about change. ...

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“The Bay The Series Interviews, Part 3,” We Love Soaps, August 12, 2010

We Love Soaps Thursday, August 12, 2010 | Posted by Damon L. Jacobs THE BAY The Series Interviews: Mary Beth Evans, Part Three In Parts One and Two of our interview with Mary Beth Evans, the multi-talented and multi-tasking actress discussed her role(s) on the new indie soap THE BAY, as well as her unforgettable roles on DAYS OF OUR LIVES and GENERAL HOSPITAL.  In Part Three below, she discusses the rewards and challenges of portraying Sierra on AS THE WORLD TURNS, the almost-job at ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and why lightening did not strike twice for Steve and Kayla on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.     Mary Beth Evans: After GH I went to AS THE WORLD TURNS very soon.  And I loved that.  It was such a fun show, such an incredible group of people.  It was really like doing theater out there in Brooklyn.  Chris Goutman always treated me like royalty.  I just went back and it still surprised me how much they write in the scenes. I am sad it’s ending.  It’s a great show with amazing people.  I love Sierra too.  She’s a strong Evita-type woman who runs her own country.  The theme there and back at DAYS has been the mother.  I have an incredible relationship with my kids and I try to bring that to my characters.  WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Speaking...

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“Hopes and Dreams,” Hybrid Mom Blog, August 12, 2010

Hopes and Dreams Thursday, August 12th, 2010 For the last 6 months or so I have been involved with a little project called The Bay The Series.  I say little, but it has BIG ambitions and possibilities! It started as a meeting for coffee with a young, hip guy named Gregori Martin.  He told me of a story he had in his head since he was six years old and used to watch soap operas with his babysitter.  He started writing it as a webisode series and was assembling a cast and wanted me to play Sara Garret, the Matriarch of the show…Matriarch…really?  I quickly thought “keep growing…it’s OK (it’s actually GREAT). His story was so thought out and his enthusiasm was so contagious that I walked away from our meeting saying I would do it. The experience has become a true adventure.  A creative process we are all enjoying.  The reason I am even writing about it is this: I was watching the other actors at work and talking with them between scenes and I started thinking about how everyone was there because of Hopes and Dreams. We all believe in this project and everyone is giving it their all based on the hope and dream of it being something to be proud of.  The arts are like that…people do so much for so little because of the...

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