Month: November 2010

“How Yoga Changed My Life,” Hybrid Mom Blog, November 24, 2010

How Yoga Changed My Life Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 As far back as I can remember my mother would fix things herself. A hammer and a screwdriver and she was ready to go.  I have always felt I could do things myself as well. I have painted all the rooms in my house myself, l planted all my plants and am constantly moving things around. My oldest son Danny would often ask me when I had commandeered him to help me move things around, “couldn’t you pick a hobby that didn’t require me moving furniture?” Well last spring it finally caught up with me. I had some furniture in storage and I wanted to bring a cabinet to my house. I brought over my younger son and his friend to help me. The one person I should have left out of the equation was ME. The cabinet was on top of another and as one boy pushed it to the side where I was standing, I very quickly realized it was far too heavy for me to hold. I knew if I let go it would crush me, so I held on, feeling like every organ was popping out of its slot and every vertebrate compressed. As the other boy ran around to help and relieve me, I knew what just happened was not good!!! Soon after I complained to my...

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“Just the Girls,” Hybrid Mom Blog, November 12, 2010

Just the Girls Friday, November 12th, 2010 This past weekend 9 women gathered in Colorado from around the country to celebrate my best friend Carrie’s “landmark” birthday. One from New York, one from Boston, one from Louisville, one from Colorado and five from southern California. Some of us had met before, some had not. What an amazing time we all had. It’s a true testament to her that she has so many friends that are all so kind and generous in spirit. We hiked some amazingly beautiful trails, and chatted our heads off while getting that heart rate up. All nine of us shuffled around the town to the shops and gave each other opinions about possible purchases. We hung by the fire and talked our heads off…about our lives, children, beauty, diet and exercise. Nothing was off limits. Going away with a bunch of women was so great. I think we all walked away with a little more knowledge and understanding about each other and about life in general. We go through our lives doing the best we can…trying to cope with things that we don’t necessarily have the “training for.” A little advice from others, a little encouragement and a lot of laughs helped us all. Maybe we will turn it into an annual event…I sure hope so! The final night we collectively prepared a feast.  Chicken...

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