Soap Dish, July 29, 1997

By Sidney Lawson

A few months ago, Stefan Cassadine thought he had everything he wanted after marrying Bobbie Jones:  power, money, control of General Hospital and the ability to destroy his enemy, Luke Spencer.  But when this cold and calculating Cassadine laid eyes on Katherine Bell for the first time, he knew there was something missing from his life.  Unfortunately, the first time their eyes met was when Stefan fired Luke’s gun and accidently shot Katherine.

Feeling incredibly guilty for his sin (and crime) against this innocent woman, Stefan befriended her in the hospital.  While Katherine was fighting to regain the use of her legs, Stefan was spending nights by her bedside.  He quickly grew close to the, but never told a vulnerable Katherine who he really was.

Without the knowledge that her mystery man was:  a.) Stefan Cassadine,  b.) the man who shot her,  and c.) married to another woman, Katherine started to fall for him.  That was the kiss of death for her budding relationship with Mac, the only truly stable love she’d ever had.

After breaking off with him, Katherine was free to embark on a new and exciting journey with Stefan, who appeared to be her soulmate.  Not so fast! Katherine finally learned her new love’s true identity and remembered that he was the one who fired the shot that paralyzed her.  Still, Katherine’s feelings for Stefan didn’t diminish.  Similarly, after spending more and more time with Katherine, Stefan realized he never should have married Bobbie.

Meanwhile, armed with the knowledge that Stefan was her assailant, Katherine had every opportunity to hang him, but instead she remained silent, vowing that she wanted this tragic accident to put an end to the ongoing Spencer-Cassadine feud.  She was obviously deluded since the hatred ran far too deep to simply cease at her mere suggestion. 


Katherine protected Stefan, possibly because she hoped for a chance with him, but she soon realized that Stefan would not just give up Bobbie to be with her.  He would, however, like to have his cake and eat it too.  He wanted Katherine, but he also wanted to reap the benefits of being married to Bobbie.  Desperate for whatever piece of him she could get, Katherine went along with this arrangement at first.

But after she began her rehabilitation and took her first steps toward recovery, Katherine realized she could only lean on herself.  Stefan’s secret visits and attempts to send Bobbie out of town so they could steal precious moments together were just not going to wash.  Katherine wanted more.  Not only that, but she was also beginning to experience an emotion that was completely foreign to her – guilt.

Stefan hasn’t given up on his new object of obsession, but Katherine knows she can’t have what she truly desires if he remains married to Bobbie.  Soon, however, that may not be such a problem.  Slowly, Bobbie realized that Luke was right about Stefan.  He wasn’t the man she thought he was after all.

But Bobbie is nobody’s fool either.  She sensed the unusual bond between Katherine and her husband long ago and even confronted Katherine about her suspicions.  Though Bobbie wanted to fight for Stefan before, she certainly doesn’t feel that way now.  A dangerous game has begun.  Bobbie has agreed to help Luke nail Stefan, but in doing so, has she sealed her own fate?  What will Stefan do if and when he finds out his wife has been tricking him, even seducing him, only to help Luke link him to the GH computer virus?

It’s likely to be another all-out battle between Luke and Stefan, one reminiscent of Laura’s “death” and the recent showdown in Switzerland over the Fabergé egg that contained the virus.  Who will be cut down in the fallout is anyone’s guess.  But Luke is one up on Stefan this time, having copied the virus without Stefan’s knowledge.  While Bobbie concentrates on linking Stefan to the hospital’s computer crash, how long will it take Stefan and Katherine to find their way back to each other, and at what price?

When Stefan and Bobbie ultimately end their farce of a marriage, will the passion between Stefan and Katherine be as strong and seductive once the secrecy and mystery that romanticized their relationship are gone?

There’s no telling what will happen in this mixed up game, but Stefan and Katherine have one thing in common:  neither gives up easily when there is something they want this badly.  But who knows?  With Katherine growing stronger every day, she may eventually decide to walk out of Stefan’s life forever.  But is she really that strong?

Despite Katherine’s decision to end things with Stefan only a few months ago, the strong attraction that exists between them started joining them together last week.  The two shared a few very intense moments until Bobbie interrupted.  Stefan and Katherine felt the need to cover themselves since neither of them is aware that Bobbie couldn’t care less if her evil husband is with another woman.

This week, Bobbie thinks long and hard about the growing romance between Stefan and Katherine.  She decides to tell Katherine what kind of man Stefan really is, even though Ms. Bell probably doesn’t deserve the warning.