I hate You!

Lucy & Katherine


Soap Opera Digest, October 22, 1996

HOW THEIR FEUD BEGAN:  Lucy carried and gave birth to Serena as a surrogate for Scotty and his dying wife, Dominique.  When Dominique’s half-sister, Katherine steam-rolled into town, Lucy’s radar picked up on the warning “Bell.”  Flaunting her love affair with grieving widower Scotty, Katherine schemed her way into Lucy’s cosmetics company, Deception.  Ms. Coe got even by stopping Katherine and Scotty’s wedding.  A hate/hate relationship was born.

KATHERINE’S DIRTY DEEDS:  A jealous Katherine nearly destroyed Lucy’s Nurses’ Ball when her machinations left the AIDS benefit $12,000 short of its goal.  Lucy’s striptease made up the difference, but Katherine added insult to injury when she pushed the scantily clad emcee onstage.  (At this year’s ball, Katherine left Lucy swinging from the rafters – literally.) And with Edward’s support, Kat stole Deception from Lucy.

LUCY’S MEAN TRICKS:  Lucy joins forces with Jax to establish a rival cosmetics company, stealing away top model Brenda.  On the home front, Ms. Coe exposed Kat’s two-timing to    boyfriends Mac and Damian. Finally, she ruined Katherine’s gown and revealed Ms. Bell’s lip-synching in front of a packed house at this year’s Nurse’s Ball.

CURRENT STATUS:  When they’re not engaged in their latest catfight, Lucy and “Kathy” can be found at the manicurist  — sharpening their claws.