Happily Ever After….

Soap Opera Update, August 15, 1988

By Allison J. Waldman

Now that Steve and Kayla have said their vows and pledged their love forever, what does the future hold for this exciting duo?  How could anything be as thrilling and dramatic as their imagined a few fanciful plot turns.  What about you?  What do you imagine will happen to Steve and Kayla five years from now?

Here then are our musings about the future of the couple of the year!

SCENARIO #1:  The success of the riverfront Community Center propels both Steve and Kayla into the spotlight.  Kayla becomes an outspoken leader defending the rights of women in the home, at the workplace, and in society.  Steve supports her wholeheartedly, but prefers keeping a lower profile, enjoying the time they have alone with their son, Marcus Bo (named for Steve’s best buddy, Marcus Hunter, who had to deliver the baby in the midst of a hurricane, when Marcus and Kayla were trapped in a storm-tossed sailboat).  Politics call, however, and when Kayla is challenged to run against Jack for the Senate, by Jack himself, she feels compelled to try.  With Steve’s unswerving dedication and campaign direction, Kayla becomes a Senator!

SCENARIO #2:  One night after a quiet dinner at home, Steve is restless and explains to Kayla that he’s going to the “Cheatin’ Heart” to shoot a few racks of pool.  Kissing her hubby goodbye and handing him his cue stick, Kayla tells Steve to win a few games for her and the baby, little Josephine Caroline, or as they call her, “Jo-Jo.”  Steve has a grand old time at the bar, attracting the attention of a stranger to Salem, a distinguished, silver-haired pool hustler with piercing blue eyes.  He offers Steve some of his personal gourmet popcorn, and introduces himself as “Fast Eddie” Felson, “But you can call me Butch.”  Butch explains to Steve that he thinks they can help one another.  Butch wants to back Steve in the World Series of Pool Hustlers.  “With your eye, and my secret formula for success, we can make a fortune,” he assures him.  Steve is skeptical until Butch proves it to him.  After tasting Butches salad dressing, Steve agrees Butch has the recipe for success and agrees to go along.  He goes home and explains everything to Kayla, promising to be back in no time at all.  Kayla reluctantly gives Steve her okay when she tastes Butches latest creation – Sweetness – the candy the world has been waiting for!

SCENARIO #3:  Bo and Hope surprise everyone when they return to Salem with Shawn Douglas  — now 17 years old!  Shawn is fascinated with his Uncle Steve, much to Bo’s displeasure.  He resents the attachment growing between Steve and Shawn, especially after Steve plays the harmonica for his nephew and the kid goes wild.  He secretly records Steve’s harmonica blues and runs away to New York to sell the tapes.  Soon they’re all listening to the number one album in America – Patchman’s Salem Blues.  Bo is initially angry at his son, but Steve reminds his old Merchant Marine buddy that he too was once the restless type, and anyway the kid did something good.  Steve is thrust into the limelight and besieged with requests for concerts and public appearances.  Steve and Kayla decide that before they settle down and start a family, this is their chance to see the world.  Bo and Hope agree to stay and continue the work at the community center, allowing Steve and Kayla to take Shawn with them on their adventure.

SCENARIO #4:  Jack’s negative influence as Assemblyman continues to disrupt Steve and Kayla’s good work at the community center.  When Jack manages to push through legislation to legalize casino gambling on the waterfront, Steve and Kayla realize that the community center will never survive the competition.  “If you can’t beat’em, join’em!”  Steve exclaims, telling Kayla that they have to fight fire with fire.  The community center becomes “Patch’s Palace,” the best casino and nightclub on the riverfront.  Everyone goes to Steve’s, and the community benefits when Steve and Kayla vow to donate half of the profits to a new riverfront hospice and bowling alley.  Once again, Jack has tried to outwit the Patchman, only to come up short.