Top Ten Couples

DAYS’ Steve and Kayla


Soap Opera Update, January 9, 1989

More than any other soap couple in the past two years, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Steve “Patch” Johnson and Kayla Brady, as portrayed by Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans, have been the crème de la crème.  They’ve been easily selected as “the most,” because of the overwhelming audience response to their love affair as well as the success by these two performers in bringing a depth of emotion and dramatic reality to what might have been just another standard soap romance.

But Steve and Kayla as a couple are anything but standard.  Even now that they’re happily wed as man and wife, the turbulence that marked their courtship continues.  In addition, it is the individuality they bring to their roles which makes their union so unique – even succeeding since they said, “I do.”  The wedding has not diminished their uniqueness; rather than becoming clones of one another, Steve and Kayla have remained remarkably unconventional.  Kayla has not become the doting wife, experimenting with new recipes and sewing curtains for the loft, and Steve has taken on an even more counter-culture look than ever before with this unkempt beard and long hair tied back in a pony-tail.  One thing’s for sure – you’ll never mistake Steve and Kayla for Ozzie and Harriet.

But going against the tide and forging new territory is precisely what put Steve and Kayla on top.  They fell in love despite the obstacles and differences that they faced, managed to face death and catastrophic illness, conquered seeming insurmountable personal problems, and all the while strengthened their resolve that their love would survive.  Somehow, the problems befalling standard soap marriages just don’t seem too threatening to Steve and Kayla.  Chances are they will hold on to one another through whatever adversity they face, and continue to succeed as the top soap couple on the air.