For Whom Miss Bell Tolls

Soap Opera News, August 26, 1997

By Delaina Dixon

Lost on a private island, shots suddenly ring out—and a woman is wounded.  Ironically, this fateful shooting led Katherine Bell into the arms of her most enigmatic lover to date, Stefan Cassadine.  But Katherine Bell has never believed in taking the straight—or easy—path to romantic bliss, as a variety of Port Charles mean will attest.  Here’s a who’s who of those who’ve been attracted to Miss Bell’s curves.

Scotty Baldwin – 1993

Scotty Baldwin was devastated when his wife Dominique, died from a brain tumor. But he found solace in the arms of Katherine “Crawford,” who claimed to be an old friend of Dominique’s.   That purported friendship was a lie—crafty Katherine knew that Scotty had inherited a load of cash from his dead wife.  Pretending to need money to pay off her former husband’s debts, she bilked Scotty out of $250,000.  Unaware, Scotty asked Katherine to marry him, but recanted when he learned from Lucy Coe that Katherine had lied about her connection to Dominique.  In fact, she was Dominique’s sister and was angry because her sibling hadn’t willed her any money.

Damian Smith – 1993

Scotty also didn’t know that Katherine Bell already had a lover when he asked her to marry him.  Crooked charmer Damian Smith respected the fact that Katherine was marrying for money since he was also an expert on ripping people off. The two plotted to hoard shares of E.L.Q., the Quartermaine’s private company, in hopes of building a city incinerator.  When Katherine spurned his renewed advances, Damian faked his own death and framed Katherine.

Ned Ashton – 1994

After Katherine discovered that Damian had advised Lucy on how to break up her impending engagement to Scotty, she used her shares of E.L.Q. to vote against Damian’s plans to build the incinerator.  Ned Ashton, who knew Damian from boarding school, agreed to woo Katherine to reclaim his family’s business.  Impressed by Ned’s prestigious family name and riches, Katherine fell fast and asked him to marry her, but he declined.  Determined to wed, Katherine stole evidence that incriminated Ned’s uncle, Alan Quartermaine, in a murder, and used it to blackmail Ned to the altar.  She didn’t know that Ned was already married to Lois Cerullo, under his alias Eddie Maine, until Lois popped out of a giant cake and announced it as Katherine’s own birthday party!  Ned then hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Katherine.  Learning she was a seasoned embezzler, he divorced her.

Mac Scorpio – 1995

Left with few friends after her disastrous stint as a Quartermaine, Katherine began to hang out at the Outback, engaging in a harmless flirtation with handsome bartender Mac Scorpio.  For his part, Mac was happy for the diversion.  He needed to take his mind off niece Robin’s love life, and Katherine was the perfect distraction. The two bonded quickly.  When Damian Smith was murdered for real, Katherine assumed her relationship with Mac would grow stronger.  She thought wrong.  Damian left a large inheritance to Katherine, the only woman he had ever really loved.  Katherine used the money to try to buy respect from Port Charles’ most elite socialites.  The change was too much for Mac, who enjoyed the simple life.  He and Katherine drifted apart.

Stefan Cassadine – 1997

Mac asked Katherine to marry him after she was shot and temporarily paralyzed from the waist down.  She realized he was asking out of guilt and decided it would be better for both if they ended the relationship.  Soon, a mysterious, handsome man began to visit her hospital room daily.  The blossoming friendship quickly escalated into a romance.  Katherine later discovered that her suave suitor was Stefan Cassadine, a Greek magnate – and the man who had shot her.  Although he was married to Bobbie, Stefan pursued Katherine, and she eventually returned his advances.  But lately, she has seen the dark side of Stefan up close.  Does it match her own less savory side?