A New Meaning of Halloween

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Now that I have completed 9 weeks of reminiscing about my trip to Europe with Katie I must now get caught up with the fall.  Fall is a loose term in Southern California.  It’s certainly more in my head than by the signal of changing colors of the leaves.  I put out my pumpkins, etc. but it’s still 85 degrees.  Still one would never sit by the pool….it’s “fall” after all.  Speaking of pumpkins, I am in a quandary about Halloween. Now that two of my children are away at college and my 16 year old son has NO interest in my home made costumes, let alone carving pumpkins, what do I do?  It just doesn’t seem the same. I was always so into it.  Every year, starting in September, I would ask my kids what they wanted to be for Halloween.  I would either make it or get my mom to make them if they were too complicated for me to hack at.  I was really into themes before they had too many opinions. They were Donald and Daisy duck, Batman and Cat Woman…when the third child came along, they were Jasmine, Aladdin and the little one was Abue.  One year, they were, with their cousins, all the Power Rangers. The last year they were into homemade costumes they were Austin Powers, a Dalmatian and a bumblebee. After that it was endless spawn, or that guy from scream. My daughter stayed cuter, but they all wanted “store bought”.  Who would have thought that was cooler??  I was somewhat heartbroken but tried to go with the flow. As they got to high school it was whatever they could throw together out of the closet last minute because when I would ask what they wanted to be, the answer was usually “nothing”…

The last year of homemade costumes.

So here is the real quandary…who to carve the pumpkins with…? It almost feels like drudgery now. I have this irritating voice in the back of my head saying “turn out the lights and go out to dinner”…isn’t this sad?  Am I on the slippery slope of becoming the “old lady” on the street? You wonder when people turn the corner. Am I at that stage?  I do really love seeing all the little children come in their cute costumes and some years I have felt it was the only time I saw certain neighbors.

Maybe the trick is to stay engaged…maybe I should take it to the next level…dress up myself, get my husband to also…my daughter saw some great Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead costumes. M Maybe I will give out great treats and be known in the neighborhood as the best house to go to!  Maybe I’ll carve two pumpkins myself!

I guess we have to make these choices at the different crossroads we face. Do we engage, step up and make a difference or retreat and turn out the lights?

I wonder what size Mrs. Potatohead I am???

Happy fall…