Mary Beth Evans’ Five Greatest Days Interview, 2006

By Janet Di Lauro

When playing a daytime heroine you have to take the roses with the thorns — DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) will attest to that. While Evans has enjoyed many a memorable moment during her tenure (including fun location shoots and romantic stories), she has also endured a few bug bites and drenchings along the way. Here, Evans recounts her top five memories of life in Salem.

“One of the sweetest scenes ever was when Kayla took off Steve’s patch. I just saw it the other day on the show in a flashback. I loved the trust in that scene. Steve didn’t really trust Kayla at that point. The characters helped each other in that scene. Kayla got to loosen up a bit, and Steve took the first step in learning to trust people.”

“There was a period on the show, when Stephen Nichols (Steve) and I were always wet. Over and over, we were doused with water. There was one scene where Kayla went over to Steve’s place, and it started raining. I was standing outside waiting for him to open the door, and it was raining, raining, raining. My mascara was pouring into my eyeballs and down my face. It was burning my eyes so much that I started crying. Stephen opened the door and I was like, ‘Bwaaahhhh!’ We had to stop taping so I could get cleaned up.”

“Steve and Kayla’s wedding on the boat was great. We shot it in San Pedro, Calif. There was such a long lead up to that story with the deaf storyline. At that time, Stephen and I actually started trying to raise money for different organizations and we made all these appearances with Darrell (Thomas Utley), the boy who played Benji. That whole story coming to a head on that boat was great. The only problem was that they used these giant carbon lights on the boat. They were these huge lights that were like the sun. I could hardly keep my eyes open because they were so incredibly bright. I remember where Stephen and I were saying our vows during the wedding, that I could barely keep my eyes open. It was like I was drunk or something. That was so funny.

(Sidenote: S&K’s wedding was filmed in Marina Del Rey. The B&H going away/boat stuff was filmed in San Pedro)

“I loved the Emily and Gideon stuff, that whole story and the Civil War theme. I loved reading the book, when Steve and Kayla were in that old mansion. It was so much fun to do. We even got to go to Charleston, S.C., for some of it. That was a lot of fun. The characters had a wedding out in the plantation. The only bad part was there were a lot of bugs out there. It felt like we were making a little movie. We had costumes and used accents. It was a really special story.”

1990: OH, BABY!
“The delivery of Steve and Kayla’s daughter, Stephanie, was fun. I was hugely pregnant at the time. It was right before I went on maternity leave. Shelley Curtis, who was the producer at the time and a good friend of mine, said, ‘As long as you have that pregnant belly, let’s use it.’ So in the delivery of the baby on the show, they actually had my belly out there. Normally, they would cover it up. One thing I remember is that Joe Gallison (Neil), who played the doctor who delivered Stephanie, had his script between my legs, that day. Here Stephen and I were totally into the scenes, and Joe was reading his lines from in between my legs.”