Katherine’s Secret Lover Is Revealed

Soap Opera Magazine, September 14, 1993

By Robert Waldron

GH finally reveals the identity of Katherine’s secret lover this week – a smooth, handsome con artist named Damian who been helping her bilk Scott out of his fortune.

Katherine and her secret lover Damian enjoy an afternoon of lovemaking, then congratulate each other for pulling off the perfect crime by separating Scott from a big chunk of his cash.

Katherine is looking forward to turning down Julia’s job offer and skipping town, but Damian suggests there’s more money to be made.  Initially, Katherine’s gut feeling is that they should quit while they’re ahead.  But Damian insists there’s plenty of opportunity for both of them in Port Charles.  He’s already targeted ELQ for another scam and thinks Katherine could go even farther in siphoning off the fortune Scott inherited from Dominique.

Damian persuasively tells Katherine she’s entitled to as much of Dominique’s money as she can lay her hands on.  He refuses to sit back and watch Katherine cheat herself out of it.  Katherine concedes Damian has a point.  They plot a strategy to make Scott fall in love with Katherine.

Soon after, Katherine tells Julia she’s decided to accept her job offer.  Although Julia’s delighted, Lucy is disheartened that Katherine’s staying in Port Charles.  Nevertheless, Lucy puts on a happy face and tells Katherine she want to start their relationship over. 

As a good will gesture, she invites Katherine to lunch.  But Lucy’s real motive for bonding with Katherine is to find out more about her late husband Charles’ death.  Lucy’s convinced that’s the key to exposing Katherine as a phony.

When Katherine reveals Charles died six months before she arrived in Port Charles, it’s all Lucy needs to launch her secret investigation.

Meanwhile, meeting with Katherine, Scott is enthusiastic about her ideas for Deception.  He’s convinced Katherine will bring him luck, just as his late wife Dominique always did.

Speaking softly, Katherine says it’s funny how fate sometimes works.  She tenderly places her hand over Scott’s.  But she’s stunned when Scott suddenly recoils.  Apologizing, a shaken Scott awkwardly explains that he hasn’t been touch by a woman since Dominique died.

Later, back in the bed with Damian for other session of lovemaking, Katherine expresses doubts about manipulating Scott into giving her more of Dominique’s money.   Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door.  As Damian frantically scurries for cover, Katherine answers it.  It’s Scott!  Katherine tires to hide her alarm.  Scott notices she isn’t dressed yet.  She explains she’s been busy working on the Deception campaign.  Scott says he’s concerned because Lucy hasn’t been keeping in touch with him.

Meanwhile, Lucy is at the Office of Vital Statistics, digging up information on Charles Crawford’s death.  After the clerk gives Lucy some facts, she leaves feeling elated.

Mary Beth Evans (Katherine) gives SOAP OPERA MAGAZINE some insights on her character’s decision to remain in Port Charles. 

“Katherine’s decided she wants to get more money, but it’s for a different reason than people might suspect.  Katherine doesn’t want money for the sake of having it.”

Katherine’s a crook, but would she resort to violence if Lucy tries to stop her?  Mary Beth replies:  “Certainly, Katherine doesn’t want Lucy to find out too much because it could blow the whistle on everything, but I don’t think Katherine is capable of violence.  Basically, she’s a good person who happens to have this little agenda.”

Mary Beth also doesn’t rule out the possibility that Katherine could suddenly develop romantic feelings for her intended victim, Scott.  “But at this point, Katherine thinks Scott’s a nice guy.  He’s a different kind of man than what she’s used to.  She seems him as a generous, giving person.”

For now, Mary Beth believes Katherine’s heart belongs to Damian.  “She really cares about Damian and they share an interesting relationship.”

Mary Beth is delighted to be working with Leigh McCloskey, who plays Damian.  “He’s very sweet,” she says.  “We also have a lot in common.  He’s been married for 15 years and has two daughters, which is my life too.  I’ve got three kids and have been married eight years.”

Ironically, Stephen Nichols, who played Patch, Mary Beth’s love interest on DAYS, came close to playing Damian.

“Stephen was interested,” Mary Beth reveals.  “But then all of a sudden he was up for three recurring parts in different prime-time series.  The opportunities were knocking and he didn’t want to close the door on them.

But he told me it makes him sad that we’re not going to be working together now,”  Mary Beth adds. “Who knows?  Down the road, we may reunite.  But for now, it’s probably better we’re doing other things.”