Road Trip Wrap Up

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

I have blogged several times about the effect of this tough economy.  How it has touched all of us in some way.  Over the holidays I saw many old friends, met some new ones and everyone’s story was similar.  So many “bread winners” of the family are waking in the middle of the night with their hearts pounding about how they are going to keep their business afloat or pay the bills.  Hardly anyone is immune.  I almost feel like we should hunker down together in the bunker and weather the storm.  I guess we can be there for our friends and family in our own homes and be ready with a compassionate ear.

As you know from my blogs we took a family trip to Telluride to my best friends’ mountain house.  Up until the last minute we could not decide whether we should go or not.  Mind you this is not that unusual because my husband can be very indecisive.  The daunting thought of the 14-hour drive didn’t help, plus money has been tight this year.  We decided to go for it…push it a little and enjoy the time with our children and closest friends.  This was the best decision.  From the very moment we left our driveway the stresses each of us felt (for different reasons) evaporated quickly and the sweet camaraderie of our family started coming back. 

Christmas day with our friends was so warm and cozy and filled with love and togetherness.  We made a huge breakfast after present opening and we stayed in our PJ’s all day….one day to do absolutely nothing.  My friend has this tradition to make the Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and then make turkey tacos with the left over’s on Christmas day…yum!

Christmas Morning

We know several close friends that go to Telluride every year and they came to dinner several nights.  One boy plays guitar and we had some major sing-a-longs…it was really so much fun!  Everyone’s kids are about the same age and love seeing each other year after year.

Great Friends

The Kids

Our Sing-a-longs

My daughter Katie turned out to be the uber snowboarder on the trip and had her Pops up and out the door early, long before her athletic brothers was even out of bed.

It was such a great “family time” trip.  We could have fun with each other and reconnect in a “stress-free zone.” We are home now and the warm vibe continues.  I am so glad we went through with our plans to go this year.  Finding a way to inexpensively travel and spend time with family was a great holiday treat for all of us.

Let’s hope 2010 is a better year for ALL!