Nurturing Bonds to Last a Lifetime

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

This afternoon I went to lunch for one of my oldest friends birthday. There are 3 of us that have been friends since we were in high school.  Luckily we all live extremely close to each other, one even lives on my street.  We didn’t grow up in the town we live in now but after each of us got married we moved here.  It started with my friend Carrie…I knew her husband Marty…he did the music on Days of our Lives in the mid eighties when I was there the first time.  He wore big red glasses and I used to go in his sound booth and kiss them with all my soap opera lipstick. We joked around a lot and became great friends.  He asked if I had a sister and I said no, but I had a best friend that I thought he might really have something in common with.  I set them up on a blind date…fast forward a year later and they were married. They just celebrated their 20th anniversary. When they were looking for their first home, I convinced them this was the place to live.  Our children grew up together, went to school together and to this day are very close. 

Me and Carolyn (right) and Carrie (back) and another friend Jennifer

Carolyn moved here when she was about to have her first son Matt.  When my second son was born a year later I wanted to name him Matthew. I said to Carolyn, “It won’t be like they would be friends,”…. that was naive…they have been best friends pretty much since birth.   Now they go to the same high school and play water polo together.  They are so cute, Matt and Matt coming down the street.

Young Matt and Matt

Teenage Matt and Matt (far left and center)

We are ALWAYS there for each other, no matter what.  We are closer than sisters. There have been so many wonderful times and some very difficult times but our commitment to each other never wavers.  Now that our parents are getting older and starting to have health issue and we all have teenagers, we have a lot to talk about when we get together for our 6-mile power walks.  It started with 3 miles but we have worked up to 6…I guess we have a lot to cover. Good old friends are such a gift and none of us take it for granted.  We nurture and value this bond.  We also kick each other’s butt if we need it. 

As we stood to leave the restaurant today we joked, “we collectively look pretty good for our age” (well I’m still younger…my birthday isn’t until March).  I hope we are still going out to lunch on our 80th birthdays…I know we will still be friends.