“Do Something That Scares You” – Part 2

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I thought I should follow up with my “Do Something that Scares you Every Day” blog with how the opening of my play, Barbra’s Wedding, went.  We rehearsed it for six weeks and coming from my Soap Opera background, that is a LONG time.  I am used to memorizing 40 pages the night before and basically doing one take and forgetting about it on the way out the door.  So this has been A LOT of rehearsing, but so incredibly worth it.  For the first time in my acting career I really thought I needed that much time.  We pulled the material apart right and left. Being on stage for a solid hour plus, with just two people having dialogue is a bear!  Not to mention we move around a lot and have to deal with food and drinks and changes in wardrobe.  You’ve all heard the expression, not being able to walk and chew gum…this is a thousand times worse, especially if food gets to flying (out of our mouths or otherwise). There are a lot of mishaps that can happen.  Anyway, the night before opening night we were still breaking character and laughing at some of the crazy antics.  I was beginning to wonder if we would be able to get through it in a professional manner.

Opening night came and everyone was excited. Finally “the baby” was going to born. A wonderful, loyal and supportive group of people came from all over the country, spearheaded by Sherry, Mandy and Fiona who were viewers from my soap life and were sweet to make the journey out west to see this live performance. Several different waves of people came and were a great audience.  A special treat came when Hybrid Mom’s own Allison Rubin and her husband Noel came too.  You see doing that “little something scary” brought me the gift of friendship. Thank you to all of you who came out to see the show!

Opening night went great and was a real high for all of us involved.  We now strive to improve and try something different each night.  Try to connect more and go further in areas.  Each performance we are usually nervous and can’t imagine how the night will go, but we commit to concentrating on the play and each other and not worrying about who is there to watch.  It is a small theatre that only seats 49 people, so people are exceptionally close…it’s interesting, but exhilarating too.  I am so happy I pushed the envelope in my life and gave, the not so familiar, a shot. Below is a snippet of our performance.

Have you done anything that has scared or challenged you lately?