What Every Garden Needs (at least mine do)

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Before I continue with the planting and transformation of my space to a beautiful vegetable garden, there is the creating of my scarecrow WOMAN.  This has always seemed so important to me.  The guardian of the crops.  Yes she probably does keep the crows and other birds away but she makes me feel like I have finished my project.  The space as a whole is like an art project to me and she is the piece de resistance.  After several years of a new gal every year, neighbors would stop by “just to see what she was wearing this year.”  I start with a large stake and nail a second stake crosswise for the arms.  I use my kid’s old trick or treating plastic pumpkins for the head that I drape burlap over.  I ALWAYS go to a great second hand store called Aardvarks to get just the perfect outfit, complete with apron and fanciful scarves.  One year I even used blue studded shoe clips (I had gotten at the flea market) for her eyes.  Sometimes I would put an old ski jacket of my husband’s under her dress to give her a body.  Lots of large safety pins later she was plump and looking sharp! Sometimes I’ll add butterflies, hats with flowers and always old garden gloves for her hands.

People always stop  by the garden and I swear I have seen some talk to her. Perhaps she helps them sort things out without a word… I know she makes me happy seeing her there.  Check out a few of my gals and maybe try one for your garden….