Garden Whimsies

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

If you have been following my blogs, you all have read I love gardening!  In fact one of my favorite birthday presents this year was a gift card to OSH hardware and garden store.  Like most things in my life I don’t necessarily have a preconceived plan, but go at it and it unfolds in front of me.  I was just in Chicago and although winter was just ending I could tell that the neighborhoods weren’t busting with “gardens” like where I live.  I really appreciate our long growing season! 

Last week my blog was titled “Transformation Complete” but you can always be adding to your garden. One thing you can add to any garden is a little treasure or little whimsy.  Many of my friends are much more formal than I am, but I like to add little personal things to the garden, things that make me smile…little surprises.  I don’t live near the beach, yet I have A LOT of shells around.  A grouping of starfish on a hedge.  A turtle incrusted with shells and some large shells in the flowerbeds.  I have my daughter and husbands hand and footprint in the garden.  I have little pebbles between stones.  I love fountains and I add them where I can.  Between those and my multitude of wind chimes, it makes for a little relaxing oasis. 

I can always find a little something on a flea market trip…you just have to keep your eyes open and be a little adventurous!