Having a Vision

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Last year as the economy was changing a good friend of mine sold the home she and her family had lived in for many years.  I remember when she first showed it to me before buying it….it was such a pit I said “don’t do it.” Luckily she did not listen to me.  They made it a palace and sold it for quite a bit more than they paid for it. 

They decided to stay in a rental for the time being and take their profits and find a fixer-upper to buy and “flip” to make some money.  I know that sounds risky except their choice of properties was perfect.  The junker they found was on a very popular street and had great bones…it was just a mess.  It would take a lot of work, but they were up to the challenge and it was hugely under market value for the street it was on so they went for it.  Everyone that saw it thought they were crazy but I have to say I knew they could see what others couldn’t.  I have been over there with all my little tweaks and ideas. We worked together to pick pretty paint colors that flow and bath stones and tiles that were interesting and beautiful.  The yard is small so we have tried to utilize every inch, once again adding a veggie garden on a sunny side yard. 

The kitchen was several rooms that were blown out to make an open kitchen/eating area/tv room.  Beautiful custom cabinetry really made a difference.  Taking the cabinets to the ceiling was a great idea too.

Below are some before and after pictures. It is still a work in prgogress but is really coming along nicely and is quite impressive.

As with her first house, my friend had a vision and went for it, regardless of how many people told her she was crazy. It’s a great life lesson….if you have a vision or a goal, do not let anyone tell you that you cannot accomplish it. Go for it – you may even surprise yourself with what you can do.

Added Veggie garden and a really cool flowerbox built in front of front fence filled with Rosemary and lavender