Taking Shape

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

The fun part of my friends remodel is really starting to happen and everything is starting to take shape.  It is so much fun to watch it all come together. As you can see the hall “wainscot” is now painted out white and looks smashing.  She has chosen three hanging fixtures from Home Depot for about $150.00 a piece.

The kitchen/family room has taken some shape also.  The hanging lights over the sink are from a flee market and re-wired. She has made some great color choices that really make each room unique. Color is everything – if you ever want a new look to a room and are on a tight budget, just a coat of paint in a different color will do the trick.

The dining room chandelier was found at a garage sale for $40.00.  She stripped it and had it re-wired.  It is beautiful!

The driveway is underway.  They are laying out the forms.  They will pour a tinted concrete to form a pattern of diamonds and grass will be planted in between to help with making the yard appear larger. She has also put an arbor entrance like the one’s she used to enter the vegetable garden area. I cannot wait to see this finished! 

These last photos are just an update of my pumpkin patch because it is looking GREAT.