My Baby Update

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

As I previously blogged about, my oldest son Danny went to Korea to teach English (the subject) for a year.  He knew no one and went alone.  As usual he had to completely drive me insane this summer before he left.  Maybe we will chock it up to needing to “separate” from his parents, but the time had come to be on his own.  He was anxious and ready to get the ball rolling, albeit nervous!

When he left he had a few hundred dollars in his pocket that he had sort of saved from oddball jobs this summer.  I tried to impress upon him that working hard and saving in the interim would be helpful to tide him over before he got his first paycheck but he NEEDED those new sunglasses, ect.  It’s funny, had he worked his butt off while he was here I would have wanted to help him out, I would know that he UNDERSTOOD the value of money.  But because I knew he hardly worked during that time and was then squandering the money he did make, I knew I had to let him go and figure it out and survive on his own.  I have a parenting theory that if you let them figure it out themselves…they will!   He had no cell phone or credit card and away he went.  It was a little scary but he did survive and now I must report, he is thriving.  He doesn’t know Korean and when he first got there he was hard pressed to find anyone who spoke English.  He was a bit flipped out, but he found his way and continues to do so.  Thank God we discovered video chat…it is the coolest thing ever!

Three weeks have gone by and he is doing wonderfully.  He loves the students and has found a real sense of purpose. Hopefully he will save his money and come back with a leg up and start the next chapter with a savings account and a means to get an apartment, take care of his car…blah, blah, blah.  I already see him growing up and it is exciting!  Of course he did tell the students to call him by his first name, not “Mr.,” because “he’s still a kid too”…YIKES…baby steps.