The Importance of PLAY-as in dates

Written By: Mary Beth Evans

If you are a mom you know it well. The scheduling around it, deciding where to have it, deciding who to invite, what to serve the moms, etc. Yes, I am talking about playdates! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they come with the territory of being a mom. My kids are older now and the days of me having to schedule their playdates are long gone. But looking back, I realize how important those efforts were.

As far back as when my kids were toddlers, I would always host gatherings at my house with their friends (ok well my friends and they just happened to all have young children too). These gatherings began as more of a “mommy playdate” but as the kids grew, so did their friendships and their desire to be together. Since the school year was always so hectic, most of these playdates occurred during the summer months. How great it was to see, year after year, all the kids gather together, at least once a week and have the times of their lives. It almost seemed as if every week they were more excited to see each other than the last. Running, climbing, swimming, roller-blading –you name it, these kids did it.

Today, all of these children are all in high school and beyond and remain the closest of friends. My girlfriends and I no longer have to plan for them to get together as they take on that task themselves. From diapers to braces to driver’s licenses and more, these kids have been through it with each other (as you can see, I have the pictures to prove it). 

After all is said and done, the time spent on what we call playdates is more of a gift we give our   children. Helping to foster these relationships that will last a lifetime is one of the best things I’ve done for my children and I’m certain they would agree. So whether it be with a neighbor, a good friend, or your child’s classmate, take some time and plan a little PLAY (as in date) – who knows, maybe you will make a lifelong friend too.